Sea Of Thieves First Impressions


After playing the beta for Sea of Thieves I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the full game. Now I need to be clear, this is not a full review. I have got some play time in but obviously not nearly enough to truly give it a full review. I do have some thoughts on it tho. First the fun factor of the game depends deeply on who you end up playing with. With the right group hours can easily fly by. With the wrong group the game is actually a chore with team mates being it the way, slamming your ship into rocks or all around being a pain to be around.

The game also can be a breeding ground for toxic behavior. People will attack and sink your ship when its not protected, this would make sense if you had treasure or if there was some nearby but in my time I have noticed more often than none its done for no reason at all.

These things aside when the game is fun, it is a lot of fun. The simple act of sailing alone requires knowing when to turn and how, but with a group one person keeping watch for ships and islands, and another keeping an eye on the nap while another steers the ship makes traveling a joy. And the threat of storms that move and can potentially wreck your ship if you aren’t careful, but also is not likely is amazing. There is also a kraken floating around but admittedly I have not seen it myself.

There are also various different skeletons to fight during your adventures each with different strengths and weaknesses, for example one made of metal that swords can’t harm or one partly made of plants that regenerate health when the sun is up.

All in all for fans of multiplayer games there is fun to be had and you can set sail alone, but there other players at times can ruin the adventure. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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3 thoughts on “Sea Of Thieves First Impressions”

    1. Don’t get me wrong, i understand if you have treasure you are fair game to be attacked. It is a pirate game after all lol sadly I’ve played enough online games to know there will be a lot of people sleeping with my mom and shooting at my ship for no reason

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