Spider-man: Shattered dimensions

spidey shattered dimensions

With the new Spider-man game’s date finally here ( Spider Man PlayStation 4 ) I thought it’s only fitting to talk about the last Spider-man game I played: Shattered Dimensions. Mysterio has a piece of a powerful artifact, the other pieces are scattered throughout time and space. Madam Webb has to call upon the Spider-men of four dimensions, classic, 2099, Spider-man Noir, and Ultimate black suited to face the villains carrying the pieces and beat Mysterio.

Each Spider-man has there own play style and abilities. Classic uses a lot of webs and acrobatic, Ultimate is hard up beat em up, Noir revolves around stealth, and 2099 has a lot of high reflex combat and free falls. Noir was my favorite; I enjoyed the black and white style and dark tone. The stealth was simple but fun and ran pretty smooth. 2099 was my least favorite. While free falling was epic I just didn’t think the levels were really fun and his heightened reflexes die off super fast. Deadpool was the best cameo of the game in my opinion, always a joy. The game is only fourteen missions if you count the prologue and it’s more linear than I would like but it’s fun and a worth a good play through. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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