Dr Strange & Dr Doom: Triumph and Torment

triumph and torment

Many know I’m not much of a magic, fantasy kind of guy but I love Dr Strange and Dr Doom because of this book. Because of whacky cartoons in Strange’s case and Doom’s horrible film adaptations  as is my tradition with comics, I went out and searched for stories to see how warped the translations were. I’m a huge fan of the Doctor Strange ( 2016) movie and well, maybe we can get a good Doom movie in the MCU finally since they have the Fantastic 4 rights back now.

Triumph and Torment is the story of the competition to decide Sorcerer Supreme, whether Stephen Strange will continue his title or will it be passed down to another. Many gifted sorcerers come, but only one truly worries the group, Victor Von Doom. In a twist of fate, the weaker contestants are possessed by a mystic force and its Strange and Doom against the horde. Strange emerges victorious, keeping his title and Doom comes in second, asking a favor of Sorcerer Supreme as is favor: help him rescue his mother’s spirit from the depths of hell! Together these unlikely foes must ban together against the seemingly impossible, while discovering they are more alike than they originally thought.

It’s a short read but damn is it strong. For an older book, the writing is trippy and cool and the writing is really good. I found Doom and Strange both captivating characters and the final fight at the end is epic as hell. If you are looking for a cool, severely underrated Marvel story to read or new to Marvel in general, I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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