Dirty Girl (2010)

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This is one of those movies I have to admit upfront, I enjoyed it. I should not have enjoyed it, but I did.  The story revolves around what is essentially the class slut finding out her mom is getting married to a strict religious man who decides to adopt her, she doesn’t like this so she decides her new friend that happens to be gay is going to go with her to find her dad so she can move in with him. Since the gay sort of friend has an asshole abusive dad he goes with it. They take a stolen credit card and stolen car and head to California from Oklahoma.

Yea the plot is pretty ridiculous. There is some nudity some language  , some violence and a whole lot of down time. The movie is pretty funny tho at times, however this mostly comes from the fact that pretty much every character is a stereotype. The acting while good comes with an at absolute best an average script. Visually and sound quality i what you would expect however. The movie isn’t a dumpster fire or even bad, it is just very cringe worthy in how stereotypical much of it is.

I will give them a quick shout out however for capturing what it is like for many young gay men in the world living in fear of an abusive father with a mother far to afraid and timid to help. They captured some very great and emotional scenes there and that was amazing. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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