The First Time (2012)

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Every so often I toss on a movie not because I care to watch it but just so I have something to watch while I work and so I have something to review. Seriously its like some weird illness. The story is of course about a boy and a girl who meet at a party, and end up hitting it off. She of course has a boyfriend which complicates things. As the friendship grows over the course of about a day things just grow even more complicated.

They do eventually of course get together, in both the dating and sexual sense. As the name of the movie implies the story is about their first time both together and in general. Also, it goes HORRIBLE. Seriously, there is an entire scene about it where they talk about it being bad and not sure how or why and it just being a train wreck. Now maybe it’s because my first time was with someone who’s first time was not with me, but I don’t remember a discussion like that. I remember a cigarette and a few days of thinking I can not believe that just happened. My story is a bit crazy tho.

Any way the movie is really good, and takes a rather realistic look at high school romance at times which is rather rare in my experience. There is also a rather cool Jay and Silent bob moment. Seriously we have a short English dude that says a lot and a tall fat black dude, plays football and they call him Big Corporation and says almost nothing the entire movie. Get it, because they destroy everything? Anyway towards the end of the movie sitting in a diner our English friend is lecturing our boy and giving him really bad advice when suddenly Big C gives him amazing advice to save the day.

Anyway the movie is worth checking out if you like rom-coms. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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