Amateur Night (2016)

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Amateur Night is the story of Guy Carter, loving husband that is unemployed that needs some money to keep the health insurance going just long enough for his wife to have the baby. So when his wife convinces this out of work architect to take a job as a delivery guy why what could possibly go wrong?

Guy Carter doesn’t know karate or carry a weapon, which is kind of unfortunate since he is delivering women. Yup, that is right, Guy is essentially delivering hookers. At first just Nikki to a mans house that turns out to be a doctor with some rather interesting taste in head ware and rope. When Guy thinks Nikki is being attacked he causes doc to hit his head. This leads to an explanation on bondage.

After this they are off to pick up two more women ,Fallon and Jaxi. As all this goes on of course guy is freaking out more and more about becoming a father, but discovers if tonight goes well he could walk away with a cool 2 grand. More than enough to keep the insurance.

As the movie goes on there will be a bachelor party plenty of dancing and implied sexual things. None of which is actually showed so don’t go getting too excited. It actually isn’t even all that important besides to explain what they do for a living.

The movie is fun but quite predictable. There will be the usual tropes of the ladies being more than what they are, one being rich and great with money and them all being friends. Guy will learn he in fact has what it takes to be a great dad with a few random surprises as well. Predictable isn’t always bad tho. While the movie won’t show you anything new or special, it is fun and entertaining and that is really all you need. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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