Miss Meadows

miss meadows

Katie Holmes plays Miss Meadows, a sugary sweet, polite, eccentric substitute teacher who packs a gun on her and kills the wicked. Her life is rather lonely, only calling her mother for advice here and there and the occasional talk with her neighbor.  She finds herself falling for the town deputy and he for her as she wakes up one day to find herself pregnant, and if that wasn’t hard enough to come to terms with, a registered sex offender moves in down the street and with her secret life creeping up on her, Miss Meadows has no choice but to give in if she wants her happy ever after. ..

I’m going to be blunt, this is a weird fucking movie. There is a other-worldly quality in the music, tonal shifts, and Holmes’s attire that gave me a Alice, sweet Alice vibe. There isn’t much blood or violence, so don’t go in expecting a Mary Poppins exploitation movie; there is surprising a lot of psychological drama and a surprising turn near the end. Holmes is great and complex. A problem I have is besides Meadows, no one else really pops to me and because there aren’t many action scenes, the movie does feel slow at times. In the end, it’s a good WTF movie I’d say is worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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