Breaking Dawn

breaking dawn

So with Let the Right One In I basically concluded my best part of this little best/worst of vampires segment. So with worsts including Twilight , New Moon , and Eclipse it’s damn obvious the final segment would of course be Breaking Dawn (or Breaking Dump as I used to call it). Well, in one fell swoop, Breaking Damn killed my fandom and freed me to better things, but why the hate?

So basically Bella and Edward are getting married and there happy ever ending is just around the corner. The wedding comes and all the background characters  you barely remember and pretty much meant jack shit to the series gather, except Jacob who shows up to dance with Bella, be emo, and go away. So Edward takes Bella to a tropical island the Cullens own for there honeymoon (sure, why not.) They finally get freaky and Edward damn near breaks her in half, but she’s still into it. Well, somehow, though Edward has been dead for about a century, he somehow knocks up Bella with a freak, psychic hybrid baby that is killing her. She wants this baby, even though she has to drink blood to feed the kid in her stomach. The werewolves see this act as treachery to the pact with the Cullens and so they decide to forcefully attack them so they can kill Bella; Jacob ain’t about this shit so he splits with a couple friends and makes his own pack. After a whole lot of waiting for nothing, Bella gives birth to daughter ReneeEsme and Edward makes her a vampire. Instead of something dark and interesting, Bella is able to just ignore her kill instincts and just crunch on animals, she’s able to keep her family near and no one notices she sparkles and has red eyes now  cuz that’s a thing. But hey, the Volturi are coming to kill the baby because it’s an abomination- an abomination Jacob imprints on and falls eternally in love with (eww) and so Bella has to gather witnesses to prove the kid ain’t dangerous and master the lamest power of all time just to talk to these bastards the end!

Normally I’m against spoiling but damn this book. It’s around 800 pages and essentially there’s no gravity as a last installment of a already weightless series. By now, you know no one’s life is really at stake and literally most of this book is nothing but talk. The characters are just as dumb as before, only this time there’s a lot of logic gaps and padding. I actually threw the book at the window after I finished it. I avoided the movies like the plague and I hope Twilight 5 never comes to fruition. May the gaming gods bring you glory and may you never experience the boring horror of Breaking Dawn.


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