Superman Returns

superman returns

Before Man of Steel I was never much of a Superman fan, but my dad had a fondness for the old Christopher Reeves movies. They were simple, good natured movies where good was good, bad was bad and things were simple. When Tim Burton’s Batman dropped, there became an evident line between light and dark- Superman the poster child for the light. As years went on, everyone ran towards the dark while Superman stayed for the light. How did it hold up in a time in the gutter?

Superman, the Man of Steel, disappeared one day, thinking there was hope his birth home of Krypton may not have been totally destroyed. Five years later, after leaving his world behind, he returned to Earth back on the Kent farm in Smallville. While it was easy to get his job back at the Daily Planet, he quickly finds out Lois is an award winning writer who moved on with a handsome fiance and a son, and the world he left is falling into chaos. While a stunning return brings excitement from most of the world, an old enemy is plotting to bring some of Clark’s real home to Earth in a strange plan only Superman could stop…

Before I talk about how I feel about this movie, I admit to respecting what it was trying to do. Sadly, this may be the most boring superhero movie I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s almost no action whatsoever and no really intense conflict to speak of. The movie looks great, I will say that. Brandon Routh was a good successor to Reeves and I’d say his performance was underrated; Kevin Spacey was alright as Lex Luthor but could have been more menacing. I felt Kate Bosworth was bland as Lois Lane. The ultimate plot is lame and the movie drags on. I give them points for trying to go back to an older style of superhero film, but there’s better ways it could’ve been done. Mostly this movie boils down to style over substance and I don’t totally recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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