Podcast News

As some of you may know we here at Savior Gaming have talked in the past about starting a podcast. We haven’t mentioned it in a while but it hasn’t been forgotten about. In fact, we are simply working on some of the finer points if it all such as the length and how often to put them out, you know the things that will go right out the window anyway. We still have some decisions to be made but if there is any specific type of gaming content you would like to hear or even just general life questions feel free to ask them. or follow me on Twitter and shoot me a message there, I will happily keep your name out of it if you want. The show will be more R rated so nothing is really off limits. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

The one and only blog for savior gaming, join us for news, reviews and opinions on all things gaming as well as potentially other projects.

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