Cover Bands and Music

This isn’t my normal blog post, and I have intention in making covering music a normal thing here at Savior Gaming. Sometimes I just like to listen to music as I sit here and write my post and I noticed I end up listening to a lot of cover music. Some of it quite odd, for example, this Disney cover of Prince Ali by Jonathan Young.

I can’t really explain why tho I do enjoy Disney movies and Aladin is still my favorite.  Hell, all the music I listen to isn’t even in English ( yes it’s my native language and the only one I speak fluently tho I do understand some Irish Gaelic) one of my favorites is Seo Linn Lion Man.

I really can’t explain my love of a good cover song. I think maybe it is because I love to see how other people feel about songs which you can usually get an idea of by how they perform it. As you can tell I have quite the erratic taste in music, so what about you guys? What are some of your guilty pleasures? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Author: Savior699

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