Infamous: Second Son

infamous second son

Here we come to the first game I played for PlayStation 4, the continuation of the Infamous story, leading off of the good karma ending of Infamous 2 where Cole sacrificed much of the Conduits as well as Himself and the Beast to preserve mankind. At first I was hesitant to follow the series with a new hero/ villain but eventually I caved, but what did I find diving into Seattle as Conduit Delson Rowe?

The world has changed since the Beast came and now Conduits are seen as monsters, freaks. An agency called D.U.P is on the warpath against them, lead by Augustine and her concrete abilities. She’s called to a small Native American reservation on the outskirts of town in search for a Conduit fugitive that we meet our main character, Delson, the rebellious young graffiti artist who discovers his own abilities- he can copy other Conduit’s powers. After Augustine harms his people, it’s up to Delson, his cop brother Reggie, and a couple of Conduit outcasts to ban together and take D.U.P and Augustine down.

I’m just going to say, Infamous: Second Son is a hell of a first game to jump into PlayStation 4. The gameplay is remarkably smooth, especially switching between all four power sets: smoke, neon, video, and concrete (which sucks). each power has its own set of traits, strengths and weaknesses and epic as hell ultimate moves. Visually the game is colorful and striking and a treat for the eye. Because it was a launch title, there was some interesting uses of the new controller functions that work well like waving it to spray paint or getting calls through the controller’s microphone. The story is above solid on good karma but honestly the evil karma side is weak as hell. the story is inferior, all the powers replace there vast color pallets and styles with shades of red and purple. Another drawback is the fact I couldn’t help but feel the X-Men comparisons in this story. Augustine isn’t a really remarkable villain either. Overall, it’s a damn fun game but I have to say it loses it’s replay value and feels cliche but if you stay good, the game is well worth it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



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