Video games: stuck on repeat — Later Levels

While thumbing my way through the news feed on my mobile during my commute one morning (which I’ve since stopped doing because I’m sick of reading about Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption all the time), I came across an article about the best-selling games of 2018. I thought I’d have a quick scan to […]

via Video games: stuck on repeat — Later Levels


Later Levels is a blog I recently started following, and this may be the article that got me truly attached to the blog. It is insanely well thought out and researched and she is easy to talk to. Her thoughts on why people may or may not play new IP’s in the comments as well as her own struggles with finding the time to play games are ones that echo with many gamers with families, so go and send Later Levels some love.

Author: Savior699

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