5 Great Fantastic 4 villains

f4 4

There’s been talk about the supposed Fantastic 4 DLC rumored for Marvel’s Spider-man (PS4) which brought me to feel that strange nostalgia I have for Marvel’s first family. Of course when it comes to the 4, there’s 2 certain baddies you have to mention and I will but there are others that deserve some love. Starting with some we’ll be getting our first look at in the MCU soon, let’s begin with…

super skrull  1. The Skrull-

The Skrull are a huge threat in the Marvel Universe and will be the main antagonist in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as well as having ties to the X-Men: Dark Phoenix storyline and The Secret Invasion event which will likely be the next Avengers tale after Thanos. So what makes them so menacing? They are badass shape-shifters capable of replicating powers and memories as well as the Super Skrull that are stronger and blend powers together, which makes for a hell of a foe against the Four…

mole man 2. Mole Man-

Disgruntled and mad, this freaky dwarf lives under New York with his army of mutant creatures he creates. Whether it’s creepy mole beasts that a step below H.R. Giger’s monsters or massive kaiju sized freaks, he has an intense hate for the 4 and an a perverted lust for Sue Storm. He honestly makes a better start up villain than, well, we’ll get to him later…

puppest master f4  3. Puppet Master-

So his name pretty much sums up his deal: he makes life like puppets of living people he can control to do his bidding. While he maybe the weakest threat on this list, I’m including him because of the connection he has to the most tragic but arguably beloved  member of the 4, Ben Grimm- The Thing. Puppet Master is the father of Grimm’s blind love, Alicia; part of his motive is his dislike of Grimm and likely the fact a giant rock dude is trying to rock his daughter..

dr doom 4. Dr Doom-

Here we have not only the arch enemy of the Fantastic Four who hates Mr. Fantastic’s guts but also has faced against Namor, Dr Strange, Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man and the Avengers. This brilliant dictator of Latveria is a technological genius, strategic mastermind, and mystic powerhouse who is known for his tragic backstory and cold, terrifying metal mask. Behind that mask is a complex man who sees himself a hero while the world sees Doom…

galactus   galactus 2 5. Galactus-

There are some forces beyond good or evil in the universe. Sometimes there are things so great they are simply nature. Galactus almost fits into this category. Galactus predates the Big Bang and literally devours world with the help of his cosmic herald, the Silver Surfer. He is damn near unbeatable and is a threat worthy of uniting the cosmos but the four have banded together to ward him off..

I hope everyone enjoyed the list. I do give mention to Namor, Diablo,  the Thinker, Annihilus, and the Frightful Four as great Fantastic Four villains that deserve some love. May the gaming gods Flame On!


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