10 awesome black heroes in comics, part 1

black history month February is a huge month with Valentine’s day, my birthday, and of course Black History Month. Throughout comic history, we’ve had some truly great African American characters ranging from badasses, powerhouses, and leaders for us to look up to. So, in no particular order, here’s the first part of my shout out to these characters starting with…

jon stewart 1. Jon Stewart ( Green Lantern)-

Watching the classic Justice League cartoon as a kid, Stewart immediately was one of my favorites. A traumatized, stalwart Marine Corps sniper turned Lantern, he’s a man who kicks ass. My favorite stories of Blackest Night were his chapters where I became hooked. Attuned to more practical weaponry than Jordan, Gardner, or Ryner, he’s the badass human of the Corps.

blade comic 2 2. Blade-

Called the ” Daywalker” by his prey, Blade is the near perfect vampire killing machine. Half human, half vampire Blade has the strengths of the vampires without the weakness to sunlight. Famous for his epic martial arts and sword skills he strikes fear into vampire kind while silently battling his blood lust making Blade much more compelling than your average vampire hunter.

storm 3. Storm ( X men)-

For most of us, this iconic X men and weather witch needs no introduction. Ororo Munroe has a fascinating history from being worshiped as a goddess in native Kenya, a orphaned pickpocket, esteemed X men, and even married to the King of Wakanda, Black Panther, at one point. Storm has been been strong and compassionate on countless occasions. Either way, Storm is a force to be reckoned with…

cyborg unplugged 4. Cyborg-

Vic Stone, much like Blade, faces an internal fight to keep his humanity. While not struggling to refrain from becoming a monster, he struggles not to become a soulless machine. After what should have been a fatal accident, Vic became a subject of his genius father’s experiments in robotics ( and exposure to the Mother Box in some origins) becoming a living machine. With a high intellect consciously connected to the internet, a host of ever evolving cybernetic weaponry and a excited Boo yeah! Cyborg is a welcome member of the Teen Titans and JLA.

spawn comic 5. Spawn-

Here we finish part one with one of comic’s greatest anti-heroes and one of it’s darkest might I add. Al Simmons was a merc who, after being betrayed, is sent to hell and given a deal to lead hell’s army in exchange for revenge. Spawn betrays the devil and now fights everyone. With a huge host of weaponry and a unlimited supply of demonic powers, Spawn is cruel and relentless against the forces of Hell, heaven, and the wicked who stand in his way.

That was part 1 of 2 of my list and I hope you all enjoyed it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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