10 awesome black heroes in comics part 2

falcon cap

Does anyone remember when Falcon became the new Captain America? Has anyone heard the rumor of Michael B Jordan possibly being the new Superman in the DCEU? Continuing my list of awesome black heroes, in no particular order, let’s continue with our man above…

falcon 6. Falcon-

It’s rarer in comics than to see some closer friends in comics as Captain America and Falcon, a partner and confidant in this day and age. In time, Steve Rodgers would pass his mantle and shield over to his kind hearted friend who would do him proud. Characterized by him orange wings and his red googles, he’s the best wing mate Cap could ask for.

steel dc 7. Steel-

I’m going to be honest, the Steel movie was my intro to this character, weirdly after hearing to story of John Henry in school. After seeing the characters badass comic design and the fact he began with the good hearted attempt of carrying on Superman’s legacy, I was hooked. Armed with metal suit and his weaponized hammer, while not the Man of Steel, he’s a hell of a back up.

luke cage 8. Luke Cage-

Luke Cage is a simple man with a simple purpose: clean up the streets of Harlem. He doesn’t need a costume, a mask, or fancy moniker. Luke Cage is a simple, down to earth guy who is almost indestructible and quite the bruiser. He’s a good example of redemption and a normal guy trying to help his community.

war machine 9. War Machine-

Of all the characters on this list, War Machine maybe my personal favorite. Beside donning a customized Iron Man suit layered in every gun imaginable with a epic new paint job, I love the man beneath the armor. James Rhodes is Tony Stark’s voice of reason and loyal best friend who wants to defend his country. Honestly, I love old War Machine comics because unlike Stark, I related to Rhodes who was a normal guy facing some crazy ass Rambo level shit without relying on the suit as much as Stark. Plus, dude he’s friggin War Machine…

panther comics 10. Black Panther-

Of course I had to talk about King T’ Challa of Wakanda, legendary ruler and protector. With Black Panther winning Marvel it’s first ever Oscar this year, the character is relevant now more than ever. Not only is he a brilliant mind and one of the most humble characters in Marvel, he is one of the most dangerous hand to hand combatants as well being encased in a suit of pure Vibranium, making him virtually energy resistant and armed with gadgetry decades ahead of our technology, Panther deserves a well of respect as one of Marvel’s coolest characters…

I hope you all enjoyed my list for Black History month and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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