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In case somehow you haven’t heard, recently Jordan Peele said something along the lines of he doesn’t see himself casting a white lead anytime soon because he has already seen that movie. Now a lot of people have got pretty upset over this, and on the surface, this seems pretty understandable. What if Abrams said he didn’t see himself casting a black lead anytime soon, wouldn’t people be pissed? The answer is yes and it would be an equally emotional response. But let’s stop for a second here, and think of this logically. Who is Jordan Peele?

Well, it probably goes without saying, I do not know the man. I can’t just call him up and ask. I do know he is a writer, actor, comedian, and director that has won more than one Academy award. His newest movie, Us (2019) has already made millions in the box office. He is the son of a white mother, Lucinda Williams, and his father was a black man, Hayward Peele and he was raised by his single mother in New York City where he graduated High School and dropped out of college after 2 years. This you can find in a few minutes with a google search. You know what this tells me about Mr. Jordan Peele? Nothing. Not a damned thing. I know he is funny and makes great movies and shows. He might be an asshole. He might be the nicest guy you will ever meet. Maybe he kicks puppies, I couldn’t tell you.

What I can tell you is if I ever wrote a movie, I would probably never have a Mongolian lead. I have nothing against the Mongolian people or culture, I just don’t know anything about them and have no interest in seeing a movie about them. I couldn’t write a convincing character for one to play. I would write a movie about what I know and I am interested in. Probably some fat white guy drinking a Monster playing video games wishing his girlfriend would finally bring home her hot friend or at least a pizza. Hey, it’s my dream don’t judge.

Jordan, however, is more talented than I am so he writes blockbuster movies and shows like Key&Peele and Us that have strong black leads because that is what he knows and wants to see. There is no reason at all to think what he said or how he writes movies is racially motivated, any more than Stephen King mostly having White leads or me saying I probably wouldn’t have a Mongolian lead is racially motivated. He is just a guy living his dream writing movies he would like to see and that obviously his fans want to see. That is a good thing, it is what every writer in existence does. So please, stop reading into what he said and enjoy his movies for what they are and appreciate someone being honest for once, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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