Mass Effect 3

mass effect 3

Continuing after the events of Mass Effect 2 Shepherd has returned to the Alliance on Earth and Cerberus has began running amok. If that wasn’t troubling enough, the Reapers have began harvesting more races and changing them into monsters. The story begins with the unimaginable, the Reapers descending on Earth, obliterating Alliance HQ and Shepherd, traumatized by the devastation watches as the clock starts ticking. Generations of conflict between races  must be settled if any race across the universe is to survive, but can Shepherd unite entire worlds in a seemingly hapless war when time is short and the Illusive Man still lurks around…

Mass Effect 3 has been said to be one of the biggest disappointments in modern gaming and arguably it began the decline of EA’s reputation. Of the trilogy, I admit its the weakest entry but still an awesome game. The opening is awesome in it’s sheer scope and sets up an emotional final entry. While you get a smaller roster of characters as you’re allies this time, with the exception of one, you have prior relationships with your team. Many for the characters you’ve encountered through the trilogy come have satisfying conclusions and throughout the game there are some great tear jerk scenes. Gameplay is still fun and fluid but while in the Normandy, there are some new check points that slow you down all of a sudden. It’s also kind of point less that they have a stealth take down mechanic but I rarely found a time to use it. The ultimate endings are meh but as I see it, with such a epic build up, its rare a ending could have matched the hype. In the end, it was a solid end to what many consider one of gaming’s greatest trilogy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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