Tom Hardy Confirmed for Venom 2

To the surprise of nobody, despite the negative reviews Venom is getting a sequel after a massive $855 million box office run, which actually makes it the most successful super hero origin story of all time at that time.It could be debated that Aquaman took that title, but that depends if on how you view that movie and personally I would count that as the king of origin movies.

With the confirmation of that sequel tho, is that it is now also confirmed Tom Hardy will be back as Venom. Even more surprising tho is Venom screenwriter said back in December that a Venom Spider-man movie wasn’t “impossible”  and Kevin Feige recently states that it would probably be up to Sony to bring the characters together. So while it is probably bad for your health to hold your breath on that one, stranger things have happened. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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