Dragonball Z: Android Saga (Trunks)

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So we come to what many consider to be the best saga Dragonball Z has to offer: the Android Saga. It all begins with the conclusion to Dragonball Z:The Frieza Saga with the reveal that despite being cut in half and the destruction of a planet, Frieza is not dead. His remains were found in the vastness of space by his father, King Cold; Frieza is restored with a host of mechanical pieces and is pissed, taking Cold and his soldiers to Earth for revenge. The Z fighters sense him coming, but without Goku there chances of survival as well as Earth’s are slim. Frieza and Cold land, to be greeted by a young man they’d never seen. Easily he slays the soldiers and faces Frieza and his father, demonstrating his true power- he’s a Super Saiyan. He destroys Frieza and Cold once and for all and continues to wait for Goku to return. The young man is Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma’s  son from the future. In the future, Goku dies of a yet undiscovered heart virus. Years later, 2 androids emerge created by Dr Gero of the fallen Red Ribbon Army and systematically kill the Z fighters one by one. Trunks brings Goku the medicine he’ll need to survive the virus and delivers the date the androids will arrive, years from then. Three years later, they arrive as Trunks predicted but when Trunks arrives to help, he finds the terrible fact that the androids he warned about aren’t the same. History has changed but can the Z fighters survive?

This is where I truly began to love DBZ. Trunks’s debut is one of DBZ’s most epic moments and he is one of my favorite characters. Also, I love that Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan. Android 19 and 20 were cool but 17, 18, and 16 are a great, likable trio as well as badasses; watching 18 fight Vegeta was brutal. The season ends with an awesome cliffhanger of the horrors to come. There are some filler episodes but I don’t mind them, especially when Goku and Piccolo compete learning how to drive. Definitely worth a watch and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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