Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the fight for Sanctuary

borderlands lilith

It’s certainly been a minute since Borderlands 2 debuted and until a few months ago, Borderlands 3 was nothing but a gamer’s wish. To help us get in the mood for 3, Gearbox released a new DLC for 2 that serves as an epilogue as well as a prelude.

Our heroes are in a sad place after losing Roland and Scooter as well as the fate of Sanctuary hanging in the air. No one seems to have the heart to take Roland’s place as the flying city’s head. Suddenly a new foe named Hector invades, spreading a deadly plant based infection throughout Sanctuary, turning it’s citizens as well as a host of raiders into monstrosities. Can the Vault Hunter save a friend and save there home from this new threat?

Like the DLCs that accompany the series, Commander Lilith’s is well worth the play. The story keeps what’s awesome about the series, having a funny but heart felt story and awesome gameplay with new enemies  and humongous bosses. What I enjoy is now there is an option to start a new character at level 30, giving you a new opportunity to experiment with classes and skill trees you would have had to play through over 10 hours of gameplay for. If you love the series, definitely give it a play through. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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