Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex Leaked. (Spoilers inside, not the Pokedex)

So the spoiler I want to get out of the way is a small one, I won’t include the entire thing but stop reading now.

The entire Pokedex for Sword and Shield has been leaked and does now include all the Pokemon. There will apparently be no national Pokedex and the game includes less than 450 Pokemon. Here is my opinion on this. It doesn’t matter.

As the first main game Pokemon on a console, they really needed this one to be special, so obviously they were going to try to make it great. Because of this they have gone and made it the most graphically impressive game. Not only this, they have probably made it the largest and has a total of 18 gyms between the 2 games ( tho in the story you will only need to defeat 8 and which ones will depend on the game you are playing)

Obviously, if this is the case, something was going to suffer and that thing is the amount of pokemon, and this can easily be fixed with a patch later. (Tho it probably will not be) There is no real reason to be upset tho, it can still be an amazing game, one that I someday hope to play. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex Leaked. (Spoilers inside, not the Pokedex)”

  1. I’m not even worried about how many pokemon are in the game this is nintendos chance to show pokemon is here to stay forever and the fact I can play on my tv and not mess up my eyes more I’m fine with 400+ pokemon and im sure nintendo already has many more ideas for future games since there not hardware limited now


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