Monster Energy Supercross

monster supercross

This review is going to be pretty straight forward because of all the games I’ve played this year, this game honestly sucks the worst and I gave up pretty quickly for some pretty huge reasons.

First reason I gave this game the finger was my first impression. It installed and was ready to use so I gave it a try. Immediately I saw the Monster energy drink logos and a start screen that stalled for almost five minutes. After that, without further menus I was taken into a game I had no choice in. I wasn’t given options for character, map, or even game mode; I thought perhaps it was a tutorial until the final disastrous look at the scoreboard at the end of a match I didn’t choose to be in. There was prompts telling me controls and hints, but yet it wasn’t a tutorial because I leveled up, not even knowing I had a level to begin with. The controls are easy enough to learn but the bikes handle like shit. Talking with Savior, he agreed and it wasn’t just me. Trying to make simple turns was harder than hell and most times I just flung myself out of the ring.

Weeks later, I tried again. My second time around, there were menus and customization options but I found it dumb there were no stats on the bikers and the tracks look mostly the same. Strangely there was muddied look to the faces of the drivers too which was weird. The driving is still shit and I still don’t understand why you need a different control ground and air when I can’t do a trick in mid air. After another match that did nothing but raise my blood pressure, I quit and deleted it.

In the end, I hated this damn game and even free, I still say you’re paying too much for this obvious cash grab. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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