Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

force unleashed 2

If the dictionary had a definition of “forced sequel”, this would be a contender for it. TStar Wars: The Force Unleashed, though over-hyped as hell, was a solid game that had 2 self contained endings. So did they make a new character? Well no, they pulled some Alien Resurrection  shit and made some clone story thing…Normally I’d recap the story but there isn’t much of one. Starkiller gets revived by the Empire (for some reason),  escapes, goes to find his old friends and get revenge on Vader…oh and he dual wields lightsabers now because cool.

The graphics are admittedly an improvement and the free fall sections are kinda cool. Besides that this game is a waste, especially with a gameplay time of less than 4 hours without the padding of cut scenes ( I tested this on hardest difficulty). Your abilities are severely limited compared to the first game and despite the gimmick of dual lightsabers, you don’t really get any cool  combos or anything with them. The story is boring and the ends are convoluted as hell. In the end, I can’t say I recommend this game to anyone and may the gaming gods bring you glory and keep you away from this crap fire of a game.

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