Predator 2

predator 2

In the near future of 1997 ( I’m well aware it’s 2020) LA is a crime infested war-zone as the cops do battle against the raging drug cartels. Harrigan is a reckless cop with a good heart and a strong team. After a violent scene abruptly ends with skinned bodies and a blood bath, Harrigan is hungry for info but the feds bust in and seal the area. After his best friend is found dead, it’s up to Harrigan and his team to find this otherworldly killer who is unseen and leaving mutilated corpses throughout the streets while dealing with a conspiracy of the extraterrestrial sort. Can one man stand against the ultimate hunter?

While not as good as Predator , Predator 2 is still a damn entertaining sequel. I loved Danny Glover as Harrigan as well as a great supporting cast. There is plenty of action and gore with some cheesy goodness; Duke always busted a gut over King Willie’s pimp Cadillac. The Predator gets a huge leap forward with a vastly expanded arsenal including the introduction of its iconic disc, spear, and razor net as well as some great lore towards the end, including the Xenomorph skull mounted on the ship’s wall. The setting is a nice change of pace from the jungles of the first movie. The effects hold up surprisingly well. The only downside I have is there is nowhere near the suspense of the first but at the same time, it’s still a fun movie. In the end, I highly recommend the follow up to Predator. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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