New GrimGrimorie Once More PS5 Review

Once again NIS America was nice enough to toss me a copy of their new game, GrimGrimorie Once More to check out,which of course is always appreciated. This one is a bit different from what they usually send me.

You play as a new trainee magician named Lillet Blan at Silver star Tower. The game starts out like many PS2 games, and that’s what this is. A beautiful remaster of a PS2 game many of us missed. It is a real time strategy RPG that is almost like a tower defense.

The game is simple and straight forward, you use some units to collect magic powers or mana (which ever is easier for you to think of them) which are then used to create new magical circles or buildings. (again however you want to think of them) These act as either towers to defend your base or to create new units, all of which are magical creatures with their own strengths and weaknesses. They range from elves to fairies etc.

This isn’t to say the game is simple,just that the concept is. And while the game is fun (if not a bit repetitive) and the story is intriguing, the mystery of who the ghost in roaming at night and why there is a devil teacher is pretty nice it does show its age in a few areas.

Graphically and music I have no complaints. They did a nice job bringing it up to date. The game play itself follows the same pattern and gets dull fast. Mine mana, build the same buildings, send the same creatures up and down a 2D surface to kill the enemy, repeat. Every so often they add a new enemy or unit. The game isn’t bad,it just wasn’t my kind of game.

We all know I won’t punish it for that,fans of the original GrimGrimoire will appreciate this,and it is a solid 7/10 and worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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