Good Shepherd Reveals “Dicefolk,” a Tactical Roguelike with Dice & Monster Collecting (PC)

Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced Dicefolk, a new single-player tactical roguelite game built around dice and monster-catching mechanics, coming later this year to PC. Developed by Leap and Tiny Ghoul, Dicefolk gives you unparalleled control over every battle: take command of the dice and the order of enemy turns to gain the tactical advantage. Discover dozens of uniquely powerful creatures to recruit and create the perfect squad to win!

Key Features

  • Thrilling Roguelite Adventure: Collect new and more powerful chimeras to build your perfect squad while unlocking talismans to uncover more of the story. Discover different combinations of chimeras to enable new strategies for each run with endless possibilities and replayability!
  • Take Control of Combat: You decide the fate of the dice! Command your chimeras while choosing the faces of the dice and the order in which each party takes its actions. Your choices will determine your success as you battle a variety of wild creatures in combat.
  • Master Your Chimeras: Recruit your squad from a range of dozens of mighty monsters, from hardy tanks to quick attackers and more. Each chimera offers a unique set of abilities to help you shape your strategy and adapt your play style for whatever challenge comes your way!

Dicefolk is available to wishlist now on Steam. For all the latest updates, follow the team on TwitterTikTok and YouTube.


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