Leatherface trailer review

lf Howdy ho, friends, Torsten V returns from a much needed vacation. Coming back from vacation, I returned to the much anticipated first trailer to the latest installment of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This is the story of legendary slasher Leatherface as a teenager and what I’m going to assume is another Leatherface origin story. So first things first, I feel like I have to wonder if this part of the original timeline or a new series of films upcoming. I personally didn’t mind the remake and its prequel, in fact I actually like the more serious, darker tone. But with 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3-D, that swept back into the original time line and frankly dissolve the series into a hot shitty mess. It;s a interesting question to ask. I liked a lot of the imagery of the trailer, including the fresh look of the mask but I wish there was a little more story in the trailer, just to get an idea where the hell it is in the timeline. Good to be back, and may the gaming gods be with you.

Preacher Six Preview

preacher six

Full disclosure/disclaimer, Savior Gaming is in no way shape or form affiliated with this movie or anyone on their staff. Everything within is strictly my opinion that was not asked for and I am receiving no money or other compensation from its creators…Unless they want to hook me up with some free swag,a hoodie or shirt would be sweet.

Now that this formality is out of the way, here is a quick trailer I found on their website which i will post a link to under the video.


Now it is story time. Probably about a year ago, when Savior Gaming was nothing but a dream of a guy that enjoyed the occasional  stream on Twitch with friends, I made the Savior Gaming twitter page. Not long after I was followed by a man named Kyle Hester who for some reason looked familiar. So I checked out his page saw he was an actor and followed him back. Now as many of you know I always thank my followers for following me, and Mr. Hester was no exception, but to my surprise he replied basically saying hey thanks. Never really tried to sell me on his project that I only learned about later. Eventually the movies twitter page followed me and it seemed pretty cool so I checked the movie out and discovered something amazing. This group has thrown their heart and soul into this project and is very responsive to their fans and followers. Now I don’t expect anyone besides me to remember this and I doubt many will care, but its still an interesting fact.

With all that being said Preacher Six seems to be exactly what it sounds like. A horror movie involving a holy man fighting evil, 6 bullets at a time.

Preacher six-2


One last thing before I go, this movie seems to be the epitome of a crowdfunded with a lot of people from a lot of places donating what they can or just spreading the word so please, if you have the means support their efforts, I have placed the link for that below.


As always thank you for your time, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.