Somewhere, some when said “hey guys, you ever wonder what it’d be like if Assassin’s Creed and  Bioshock had a steampunk baby?” Bethesda named this baby Dishonored.  set in the steampunk land of Dunwall, we play as Corvo, the royal bodyguard to Empress Caldwell and her daughter Emily. After returning from a journey to find the cure to a hideous rat plaque, the Queen is murdered before Corvo’s eyes by men with mysterious powers, Emily taken, and Corvo framed by a corrupt Lord regent. Imprisoned for years, Corvo is broken free by a group of loyalists led by Haddlock and the fight to save Emily and the Empire begins, all while being haunted by a otherworldly figure called the Outsider that grants Corvo dark powers, but at what price?

The plot is pretty straight forward with a pretty predictable twist at the end. The world we find ourselves in was my favorite part; I enjoyed the fancy ornate mansions of fine dressed sophisticates and the dingy sewers full of plagued weepers. The gameplay is fun and full of opportunity, you have full reign to mix and match weapons and powers as well as gameplay approach. The games does reward you far more for going the full stealth, no kill approach which screw that noise. If you have the patience for that, all the power to you friend. If you feel like being a kill happy nutbag, there are consequences as you will find the end of the game will get ridiculously harder than if you try to be a fine nonlethal soul. Overall the game is fun with multiple playthroughs but a stale plot and as always may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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