5 Of My Favorite PS4 games

This list was a bit weird for me to make, there were tons of great games for this console so far, and in the end a big part of this was me saying hey I spent a ton of time on this game so it made the list. So here in no real order are 5 of my favorites.

stardew valley

Stardew Valley is essentially the new Harvest Moon except honestly better. After moving onto a farm from your grandfather you begin of course by meeting the towns folk and planting crops. From there you can raise animals, explore mines and go fishing and much much more.

persona 5

Persona 5 is possibly the best of the fantastic Persona series. From the moment this game starts it is a thrill ride of crime, fighting, exploration and oddly living the life of a high school student. Sounds weird but before I knew it 100 hours had passed and I still hadn’t finished this game. Any JRPG fan needs to play this.


Playing Bloodborne had a weird start for me. See after many days of Torsten bitching about Father Gascoigne and him challenging me to do better numerous times he lent me the game. I played a bit and gave it back and eventually bought my own copy. How dare he imply I couldn’t do better. What started as me playing simply to prove I could do better turned into what has been an obsession. The combat, the horror environment the transforming weapons everything became a quest to be a little better. All this time later and I still play this game at least a few times a month in my intermittent quest for the Platinum trophy.


I had very low expectations on Final Fantasy 15. The demo being pretty fun tho made me buy this game despite my hatred for pretty much everything after Final Fantasy 10. 100 hours later I had the platinum trophy and realizing this was the best installment since 10 and may be just as good.


This is an off addition to this list for a few reasons. First the game is currently de-listed from the PlayStation store. It had so many issues not even limited to it occasionally deleting save files rumor has it the company that ported it over was fired and is being reported from scratch by a completely new company. That being said, I still had an insane amount of fun with this. Even failing resulted in a fun explosion and for some reason I could not help by get attached to my little green Kerbals, and feeling bad when I killed one.

So there we have it, 5 of my favorite PS4 games. hope you enjoyed and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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