The Orville


So when I first heard about this show I was instantly intrigued. As most of you know I am a huge Star Trek fan, and this screamed Star trek as a comedy. Seeing a how it is unfair to judge a show off the first episode or 2 I waited 3. Now the show is far from being the best thing on television. That being said I do find myself enjoying it. I like a good ex wife joke which this joke has plenty of seeing as how the captain and his ex wife are in charge of the ship. And while many people are upset with how the third episode “About a girl” handled the concept of a new born child having its gender reassigned at birth and the whole transgender issue I believe the issue was more about how differently cultures few things which I thought it handled very well. The show is going to be hit and miss for many people as most of Seth Macfarlane’s work is, but I for one will be watching, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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