5 Horror Movies Everyone Should See

These movies may not be the best movies exactly tho I think they are all great, but I doubt anyone will question that they are all iconic in their own way and for that, everyone should see them at least once.


Night of the Living Dead (1968) is pretty much the grand daddy of the zombie genre. This indy film would go on to be a cult classic that would end up spawning not only many more zombie movies but remakes and spoofs ( looking at you night of the living deb. (Seriously I didn’t like the movie but Kyle Rankin is a cool guy)


Jaws (1975) may not be a horror movie in the traditional sense , but this movie scared the hell out of anyone near a large body of water or if you had an over active imagination like me you took large steps off the couch. To this day anyone that hears that theme music knows where that music came from.


Friday the 13th (1980) is not only a solid horror movie in its own right, it is known to many for a character that is not even in the movie. As hilarious as having heard this called the first Jason movie is, this was arguably a catalyst for what would possibly be the best time for horror movies, the 1980’s which happens to be the only decade with 2 entries on this list.


Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) This movie launched what is an over 30 year debate,Freddie or Jason. This debate will never ever end. Of course it eventually made a movie that didn’t answer the damn question. Any way more on that later in the month I am sure. Wes Craven had a lot of movies, but nothing ever came close to the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and this is the one that started it all.  Speaking of the great Craven.


Scream (1996) Another Wes Craven movie ( also written by Kevin Williamson) is quite possibly the most popular horror movie of the 90’s. While not necessarily the best, after all it was a decade that included Silence of the Lambs,The People Under the Stairs and many more, but none of those spawned action figures, toys,  Halloween costumes and more. The reason for that is simple. It had a story that was both hauntingly relateable, fun and creepy. This made it the perfect combination to be memorable.

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