Saw 3

saw 3

Ok, I’m telling you to stop at Saw 3. Seriously, don’t keep rolling down this rabbit hole. The ending is fine, not every question has to be answered, let it go. I wish I did.

Saw 3 picks up with Matthews’s team trying to find him. only finding more bodies. But there seems to be something different. These following traps were designed unwinnable, either by flaw or purpose. It doesn’t take long for the cops to figure out it ain’t John Kramer’s work. Matthew’s partner Kerry finds out the hard way when she’s caught, trapped and wins…but dies anyway. Meanwhile, a doctor gets nabbed by Amanda, Jigsaw’s apprentice, and taken to John with a very simple goal: keep John alive long enough for another victim to pass three tests or the bomb collar around her neck will explode. The man being tested is named Jeff, a grieving father whose son got killed by a drunk driver. Every test puts him face to face with someone responsible for the crime and it’s his choice whether to save them or not. Lynn is violently depressed and self medicating on pills while still working at the hospital, which got here in this mess. We begin to see Amanda ain’t quite (cough) stable. We find out she has killed needlessly and rigs her traps to be unwinnable on purpose. At the end she flips and suddenly all these lives are in Amanda’s hands for Jigsaw’s true finale…

Saw 3 would have been a fine end to a damn trilogy. Again the traps were memorable and cool; the angel and crucifix traps stick in my mind a lot. I felt for Jeff and was actually invested in his journey and actually felt for some of the accused too. I liked Amanda as a imperfect apprentice and the relation between her and John has it’s weirdly Star Wars moments. To me, it feels a little longer than it should and the color textures and set design of the series start to get on my nerves a bit, but if it was a TRILOGY I could ignore it. Sadly no. Overall, stop at 3.

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