Ghoulies (1985)


Until the other day I had never heard of this movie, and I really didn’t know two of them existed. An ex good friend of mine requested I review it. I say ex because a real friend would not have asked me to watch this movie.

That may be a little harsh, the sound and visuals for a movie made in the 1980’s weren’t bad and I have no complaints about the acting, but the story was just so damn stupid. Basically a dude tried to sacrifice is son and mom stops him. Years later he inherited the house, discovers a bunch of stuff including that he can summon little demon creatures and seemingly make it rain in his basement. While the idea sounds good it just wasn’t. The twist at the end when they revive his dad from the dead whom tries to sacrifice his son to the devil in return for eternal life isn’t much a twist nor did it save the movie from being mediocre at best. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and may the have mercy on my friends soul for this movie.

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