Ghoulies 2 (1987)


My friend that requested the first Ghoulies movie will be taking the blame on this one too. Not because he requested this one but simply because i wasn’t going to review one and not the other. Now this one was slightly better. Visuals weren’t bad acting was still solid, and this time our little demons escaped to a carnival called Hells Den where the ran rampant in the haunted house, killed a few people and were they themselves defeated.

I wish this was a joke. They kill these lil bastards by summoning a bigger demon to show up and eat them. It looks like the others. Just bigger. Then they stiff a Molotov cocktail into a midgets gorilla suit, get him to eat it and he explodes…yup. I’m done. Don’t even care if there is a third one. May the gaming gods bring you glory,and may they make sure no one ever sees this movie.

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