Friday the 13th, part 2.


Well, that was quick. Seriously, sequels for this franchise exploded like rabbits during the 80’s. The first came out in 1980, part 8 would be out before the end of the decade just to give you an idea. Part 2 is Jason’s first appearance in the series as the killer but he ain’t the icon we know today. No jumpsuit, no machete, and no hockey mask. Instead he has jean overalls, flannel shirt, and wore a white sack over his head with eye holes cut out. I like the look but it’s kind of generic. The movie picks up after the first with Alice, the heroine of the first, as she’s killed in her home by Jason. Throughout the movie, we piece together that Jason never really drowned but has been living in the woods and watched Alice decapitate his mother in there final conflict; he built a creepy shrine to his mother in his little hermit shack with her sweater and her severed head. Oh and did I mention there’s more dumbass teens trying to open the cabin again? Damn meddling kids. It’s been a little while so I can’t really remember any of the counselors names. I do like how the movie lures you into almost thinking the dude in the wheelchair could be the hero of the film; he’s not a teen stereotype and is actually a positive role model after hearing his realistic story of self redemption after a motorcycle accident…but this is Friday the 13th, not Sesame Street, so he gets a machete to the face and his sent falling down a hill of stairs. The kills are good and the acting is alright. At the end there’s a creepy face off with Jason and the main girl where she puts on the sweater of Mrs. Voorhees and talks Jason down. Overall, it’s a pretty standard slasher sequel but I’d say it’s worth a go. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and happy belated Jason day.

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