Be Afraid (2017)

I have seen a few of these sleep paralysis movies lately and I am forced to admit this one is very well done. The movie doesn’t do anything great, but it also does not do anything badly. The characters are pretty well written the story while standard was also pretty good.

The usual applies here. Family moves to a small town, town has weird things happen, little girl was missing yada yada yada. We have all seen it before. Son comes home from college meets local girl. All standard affair.

Where the movie really shines is that you believe this small town is simply a small town with no real secrets. Even the town drunk seems to be just a father distraught over the loss of a kid. But alas nothing is as it seems. The sleep paralysis that will soon plague a select few and the strange dreams are no dreams but creatures with a nefarious and unclear plot of their own. Not a movie for everyone but worth a watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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