Jason goes to Hell: the Final Friday


Spoiler alert, this isn’t the last Jason movie either. Jason goes to hell is New Line’s first foray in the Jason franchise and arguably the strangest.

It begins with our typical Jason movie setup; hot naked chick undressing at Crystal Lake and of course Jason shows up We get the standard chase until we find out it’s really a set up; Jason gets mowed down by the most brutal gunning down I’ve seen since Predator, and Jason gets blown to pieces. End of story right? Well, no. Jason’s spirit starts possessing people and continues on his usual murder spree on this time hunting down the last Voorhees who can actually send him to hell and finish his ass.

Honestly, this doesn’t feel like a Jason movie. There’s a lot of spirit talk in this one and I can’t really buy much of what comes out the story of this movie. Most Jason fans I know like this movie but it just wasn’t for me. The kills are fine but nothing special. I don’t like Jason’s design in this, for the very little we do see of him. My favorite part of it was the ending before credits where Freddy grabs Jason’s mask and pulls it under. Other than that, it’s just kinda there to me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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