Our Favorite Movies Day 9: Jason Goes To Hell

Jason goes to Hell: the Final Friday Is our day 9 favorite horror movie. It is also another movie that is a damn liar when it comes to the title. Tho this movie made the list because for me the ending was iconic and was really our first confirmation that a Freddy Vs Jason (Jason’s side) would actually happen. Just seeing Freddy’s hand rip Jason’s mask down to hell to me was amazing. Me and friends used to debate as kids who would, and that was the first time we saw them together in any capacity. The movie itself was also pretty solid but the ending? That secures it a place from me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Movies Day 9: Jason Goes To Hell”

    1. The Jason sequels are weird. Some if them are downright terrible. Some are pretty fun to watch. But you never really know what you are getting until it happens lol


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