Thanks to a special friend of the blog, I got a chance to see what’s been a pretty divisive superhero movie. The trailers have been a roller coaster and frankly reviews haven’t been great after a sour taste left because of it’s Pg-13 rating. How does it fare after the rating and 40 minutes cut?

Venom is the story of controversial reporter Eddie Brock’s fall from grace after getting slammed by a evil corporate head. Carlton Drake, head of the Life Foundation, sent a rocket into space to retrieve samples of alien life to further humanity’s evolution and future. These symbiotes require compatible hosts to survive. Drake is having his forces capture the homeless  and use them to experiment. Brock, wanting revenge for losing almost everything he had because of Drake, is given a opportunity for revenge and comes in contact with one of the creatures. First comes hunger, than spasms, and a guttural voice only he can here and before long he realizes while not in control, this thing is powerful and deadly. “We are Venom”

So, what I’m going to say is going to say will be strange but this movie sucks but is also awesome. The first 40- 50 minutes were a struggle. Venom himself is the true star in the movie. His scenes are nearly spot on perfect. The action scenes are violent and really well done. Eddie Brock I’m sorry to say wasn’t done well. Tom Hardy tries but his character wasn’t written that great. In fact I can’t say any of the human characters were great but the worst is Riz Ahrned as Drake who is one of the worst villains I’ve scene in a movie in a while- the guy seems too nice and is never actually threatening. The second half of the movie is awesome but the first half drags and tries too hard to be funny or emotional.  In the end the movie is almost the precise definition of a 5/ !0 movie, both really great and really crappy  at the same time. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

venom 2018

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