The Worst Horror Movie I’ve Seen, 11/11/11

Every so often I see a bad movie. Its kind of the nature of the beast, I also occasionally play some real crap games. It happens and I accept that. It isn’t very often I see a movie i consider a complete waste of time tho. This one tho, probably takes the cake in the shit sandwich department. Seriously, this thing has a huge 7% on rotten tomatoes and I feel that might be way to high. If you care about the god awful story you can read about it on Wikipedia but I don’t even suggest that. It is about as cliché as it comes and revolves heavily around the date being 11/11/11, no longer believing in god, a child being the Antichrist and I am fairly sure there was an Indian burial ground in there as well.

The acting, the script the whole movie was just bad. There really weren’t any redeeming qualities to speak off, just don’t watch this movie. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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