Darksiders 2 (so far)

darksiders 2

I have a lot of friends who love these games with a passion and are craving a third. I get why, I do, but I’m not here to kiss this game’s ass. And no, I didn’t play the first Darksiders game, but I wanted to see what the hype was about.

Darksiders 2 follows Death this time as he tries to free his brother War who is facing war crimes. It’s about now I should mention I’m not finished playing it so I’m not totally sure what the hell is going on but I can tell you my fair impressions from about 8 hours of playing.

So far, I can say I love the art style and epic setting. For a game about Death, everything is very colorful and fantastic, a welcome change from what I originally expected. I feel a lot of nostalgia from the gameplay; combat feels much like God of War with the agility of Bloodborne, with platforming that reminds me of the PS2 Prince of Persia games. There’s some pretty awesome shit in here, but there’s some things in here that bug the living hell out of me like no mini map and sometimes I find the controls can be a little slow at crucial moments but I can’t say I have any huge complaints. I have a lot of fun but I also get really frustrated with it so I’m totally down the middle with this game. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and best wishes.


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