Easy A

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Easy A is a movie about a high school girl that learns the hard way that not only do you have to be careful what you tell you friends, you also have to be careful where you tell them. In an attempt to get out of a weekend with her friend and her weird family she tells one small lie. That lie is that she spent the weekend with a guy she met through her brother. The problem is one, the guy doesn’t exist and two there happens to be a very devout christian that has some very strong opinions on virginity

Unlike most people her age tho our young Olive decides to embrace the rumors and have some fun with it. She makes up some stories, new cloths the whole 9 yards. This of course causes some problems, makes her some enemies, some rumors about an STD goes around may even end a marriage.

In the end it is a fun and entertaining movie, it is far from perfect of course but in the end do we really expect a movie about high school students to be perfect? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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