Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

black ops 3

I remember playing the original Call of Duty demo on PlayStation. It was really cool at the time, a realistic WW2 era shooter. Three console generations later, we got robots. Wtf Call of Duty.

So for the story, there are robots. You get mutilated by them and get new cyber implants so there you go. I can’t lie, I lost interest in the plot pretty damn quick, despite the Christopher Meloni voice over. It’s not excruciatingly boring but not memorable. Multiplayer is clearly the focus. Essentially your standard game modes with you and other players. The maps are pretty small but there a lot of routes to take which is nice but you get kinda bored with them quick. In general, multiplayer can be quick fun until you get wrecked by assholes who bought god-level gear or people that spam you with combat perks or just general cheap shot bullshit. But mechanically and graphically the game is solid all the same. I didn’t touch zombies at all for the same reason I avoid most zombie packs now, they all feel the same to me after a while.

This may seem like a lazy review but in a lot of ways this game feels pretty lazy. Story just feels like a tutorial to play the Multiplayer, which is fun enough to kill time quick but will piss you off when you keep getting dicked by other players and some microtransactions but it ain’t a bad time with friends. I’d recommend it for $20 or less. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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