Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 first impressions

cod black ops 4

As is customary, I’m starting this semi review with a shout out to my friend Autobot who played what I did. Always awesome dude.

First things first, there isn’t a campaign which brought on a lot of rolled eyes and angry fans. This is strictly multiplayer. Essentially the game boils down to three major game types: the pretty common, fast paced, multiplayer modes COD is famous for by now,  the zombie stuff people love, and the battle royale shit because well…Fortnite. We didn’t touch zombies, hence why I call this a semi-review, but I played a good half a dozen matches or so in the other two- enough for a good feel.

For the standard multiplayer, much of it feels like it did in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 without the wall running and the super slide. The guns handle nice and it’s easy to die, but this time there is a med injector feature much like Battlefield: Bad Company   in which adds a little spice to the matches. The maps are a little wider than my previous experience and a little strategy can go a long way but ultimately it comes down to reflexes and the guns you’re packing. They pulled back on the specials from 3, now if a player uses them it doesn’t feel as game breaking, and thank god they ditched those pain in the ass wheels from 3.

Battle Royale plays almost exactly how Fortnite does. There’s a pre-game screw off, you jump off onto a island that looks pretty much like a twin to Fortnite’s and let the games begin. I always liked the concept of Fortnite but never liked the actual gun play  but I have to admit I personally believe COD fixes the problem. Matches are challenging but the gameplay is crisp and well done in COD fashion. I think the storm bubble could close in faster but it’s not a huge complaint.

From what I played, I can say there is a surprising amount of fun to the game but not $60 worth. 30 I would think about it but I can’t evade a empty feeling with it and I’m sure Activision will beat more maps and such out of us with DLC and such. May the gaming gods bring us glory.

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