It’s My Birthday!


Happy birthday to me! happy birthday to..No I am not typing the whole song, you know the rest. It is another year down in life and it has been a year of ups and downs. Had a new daughter and lost a father and created what I thought would be a small hobby that has essentially taken over a large part of my entire life. Between my Twitch channel and the blog and the rest I interact with thousands of you a month from around the world. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support whether its by reading these or jumping on Twitch or simply sharing stuff on Twitter its all greatly appreciated.

Also new this month we have the start of a store where you can get some Savior Gaming Merch with more to come and a Savior Gaming Patreon for those that want to help us create bigger and better stuff. Regardless Just having you guys around means the world to me and @torstenvblog . Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you Glory.

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