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So every so often I like to share with you guys some weird or interesting news. For example back on the 16th I had this to say It’s My Birthday! or on my Twitter I will share fun stories about all the way my daughter I refer to as baby savior torments me. For example the other day she chose to fall asleep next to my leg. Well I thought she did, then she randomly bit my leg. Yea, that one hurt. Also me and @torstenvblog went to the movies to see Star Wars The Last Jedi Review (Savior) and we stopped at the mall, and well I had a photo op moment with Santa.


Yea that is creepy I know. Torsten took the picture by the way. Anyway with all that out of the way, some of you may know I like to occasionally stream on Twitch You can follow me here if you like but I recently made affiliate which has some cool perks. Mostly I just thought it was something fun to share with you guys, Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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