5 characters I wanted in injustice 2

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Normally I’m not a huge fighting game fan but I do love a good old fashioned ass kicking from time to time. That being said, I love Injustice 2 and I’m stoked for the release of release of the third fighter pack characters but I can’t help being kinda bummed by some characters I was really hoping for. In no particular order, lets dive in with…

mera 1. Mera- don’t get me wrong, I was tickled pink when Black Manta was revealed but I think Mera could have brought something unique to the table with her hydro abilities.

beastboy 2. Beast boy- being able to shape shift into animals during a fight would kick so much ass, whether it’s changing into a bear for a epic maul attack or a hawk for a last minute escape- not to mention finishing a ultimate attack as a T-rex. How can you go wrong?

capt boomerang 3. Captain Boomerang- we had Cold, leader of the Rogues but he ain’t my favorite Captain of the group. I always had a thing for Boomerang and with his assortment of weaponized boomerangs could make for some sweet combos and plus you fill the quota of movie tie in character.

larfleeze 4. Larfleeze- Agent Orange himself, holding the entirety of the Orange Lantern Corps in his lantern, making for some really sweet possibilities for combos.

smoke  5. Smoke- I think Smoke would have been a sweet choice with his arsenal of smoke attacks that famously wreck people in Mortal Kombat. Also it didn’t make much sense to have two electric and two ice characters when someone like Smoke could add some variety.

May the gaming gods bring you glory and happy ass kicking.

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