5 Games I Will Probably Never Finish

The following is a list of games I will probably never finish, not because they aren’t good games. Some of them are probably on the list of all time greats. They just either aren’t great to me, or stuff just keeps happening. Also, in no real order.

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Phantasy Star 2. I played this game for the first time on the Sega Channel. For those that don’t know what that is, it was something you got thru your cable provider that fit into the top of the system, and it let you play a bunch of games every month. Basically it was a really really old school version of PlayStation now. I then had a Phantasy Star collection for my Gameboy advance, it came with the Ultimate sonic collection I owned for both the PS3 and Xb360 and I bought it for the Xbox one…still have not beat it, and sadly probably never will.

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The Original Zelda, a classic loved by people all over the world. I have played this game a few times, and I always just get bored and stop playing half an hour after I start. I always say I will look up a guide and just blow through it for the sake of doing it, but lets be honest. I won’t.

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Moving further into history, the first Resident Evil. I played this at a friends house back on the PlayStation and the controls turned me off. Eventually I played the remake and bought the PS4 remake with @torstenvblog when it was on sale. He was going to play one side and me the other. He finished it, me? Yea you know what the list is called. This game ended up uninstalled and will probably¬†forever be a game I truly want to complete, but won’t.

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This is honestly the only game on the list I only feel bad for because I have completed most of the Final Fantasy games. Basically this and that trilogy us old people like to pretend don’t exist that came out after this but before 14. People seem to have a love it or hate it attitude towards 12, and I fall into the hate it category mostly. The battle system is boring, the story is uninspired and the characters, well mostly I didn’t are if they lived or died. I never finished it, but I got far enough to want Vaan’s head on a pike.

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This one always surprises people. See I love the RPG genre, and Witcher 3 is without a doubt one of the best we have seen in a long time. The game world is breathtakingly beautiful, the world itself is in depth and rich, the characters are as real and well written as any ever created. There is almost nothing to complain about with this game. The complaints you can make are pretty minor at this point, since the major ones have been long since fixed, granted my first attempt had me getting stuck on invisible objects. If anyone were to ask me if they should buy The Witcher 3, I would say absolutely yes. If you look at this game and it looks interesting, buy it.¬† Also I don’t like it. I can’t explain why, I love the world, I love the characters, the story is great. I WANT to like this game, i WANT to play this game. I simply can’t get into it.


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