Dead Space 3

dead space 3

This hurt. A lot. Not as much as Aliens: Colonial Marines but this was the other turd in my 22nd birthday bucket as well as being something of a accidental precursor to the horror trash fire that was Resident Evil 6 .

So Issac’s life sucks, I think anyone who played the last 2 games can agree, but he is wallowing in it as the Unitologists unleash a new attack. Issac must venture to remote ice planet Tau Volantis to find answers to the origin of this Necromorph crap while fighting the armed Unitologists and see your love of Issac Clarke die in this final installment.

So before I shit on most of this game, there are some cool things about it. I like now having to actually build weapons of your own design or previous game’s weapons. That was neat. Despite the new emphasis on third person cover shooting, the mechanics do work reasonable well and aren’t just tossed in there carelessly. Well, that sums up the good. Besides that, I hated the shit out of this game. Issac Clarke becomes whiny and annoying like Chris Redfield in RE6, hell he looks like discount bagain bin Chris in this game if I’m gonna be honest. In fact, I checked out of this game pretty early when it comes to caring about plot. Also, I get this happens on a snow planet but why the hell does Issac look like a Power Rangers reject for almost a third of the game? The horror aspect is GONE, replaced by not scary Necromorphs and gun fodder for you and your AI buddy Carver to mow down because hey, Resident Evil did it so why not. As for the new crafting mechanics, real help those are when they cut your carrying capacity in half and now you can only carry two guns at a time. At times the game was fun but damn was it a terrible end to a great series and from some research, I found out much of this bullshit was the devs fault. I heard what Dead Space 3 was supposed to be compared to this and I screamed in outrage. If you loved the other 2, end it with 2. Leave this to die in bargain bin hell where it belongs. May the gaming gods bring you glory and friends don’t let friends play Dead Space 3.

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